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BASIS.ed Curriculum
in Grades 8-12

The curriculum offered in grades 8-12 in BASIS.ed schools is widely recognized as one of the most academically advanced high school programs in the world. BASIS.ed challenges students to reach the highest international benchmarks, and holds students accountable for mastering subject material. Our graduates are routinely accepted to top universities, from Harvard and Stanford to the University of Oxford, and to elite programs at schools world-wide.

Our graduates are distinguished individuals who have gone through a world-class, accelerated college preparatory course of study, including a full year of Economics in 8th grade, a plethora of AP course options (most of which are taken in or before 10th grade), a comprehensive College Counseling course, and post-AP electives such as Number Theory and Post-Colonial Literature, all of which prepares them to succeed in college and beyond.

The acceleration of the curriculum allows BASIS.ed students the option of graduating after 11th grade; however, most students choose to continue their studies in 12th grade. Senior Year at a BASIS.ed school is profoundly influential. Students may, if their school participates, complete the AP Capstone program. Most students, though, choose to take two trimesters of Capstone electives taught by Subject Experts at their school, after which they complete a Senior Project off-campus in their last trimester.

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