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BASIS.ed Curriculum

Our program provides a revolutionary, comprehensive Liberal Arts curriculum. Our courses of study are designed to challenge and inspire; students become scientists, artists, writers, mathematicians, linguists, computer scientists and engineers. Even in the youngest grades, the BASIS.ed curriculum is designed to help students establish a deep foundation of disciplinary knowledge to fuel critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

In every grade, teachers focus on the development of two fundamental competencies: the organization of complex tasks and the productive management of students' limited time. Great teachers ignite students' desire to surmount challenges; to master complex tasks and concepts; to establish the habits of disciplined, critical enquiry; and to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

The BASIS.ed curriculum is unique in several aspects:

  • Our courses are taught by teachers who are selected as masters of their content area, even in the primary grades. Many of our teachers have at least one advanced degree.
  • Our students work at least a grade level ahead of their peers in all subjects, and take a suite of courses most American schools cannot match (including Economics, Engineering, Classics, and Mandarin).
  • Our innovative integration of courses and content supports this accelerated rigor and pace. Primary students, for instance, take blocks of Humanities, Math & Science, and Fine Arts, and study the interdisciplinary connections between their courses. This approach teaches students that the ability to synthesize information and methods among various content areas is a powerful tool necessary to understand and change the world.
  • Key concepts and skills are spiraled from Kindergarten through AP courses and beyond - as students progress, the connections they make within and across subjects promote critical thinking skills and deep understanding. For instance, students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades take Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. This structure of reinforcement and advancement of content – a "mastery of the basics" – prepares students to excel in these AP courses in high school.

This curriculum offers the type of education students receive in top-performing school systems around the world - the type of education American students need to fully participate and lead in the global economy. It is rigorous and accelerated, yet complemented by full support from knowledgeable and caring faculty. Above all, BASIS.ed students have the best possible educational foundation to be independent and resourceful problem-solvers for whatever their future may bring.

We motivate students to grow to be the best version of themselves and, prepare them for the demands of higher education, a rewarding career, and global citizenship.




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