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BASIS.ed charter schools educate students at an internationally competitive level – BASIS.ed students out-score their top-performing peers globally. The 15-year-old students at BASIS Chandler, BASIS Flagstaff, BASIS Oro Valley, BASIS Peoria, BASIS Tucson North and BASIS Scottsdale proved this in their 2015 results on the OECD Test for Schools. Their results place the BASIS.ed Model above the acclaimed Finnish and Korean education systems, and on par with Shanghai, the world's best.

The BASIS.ed Model is built and managed by BASIS.ed, which promotes our unique culture and utilizes our unique curriculum consistently across all campuses. The culture-plus-curriculum building blocks are conducive to instilling in students a lifelong love and respect for knowledge, to understanding the importance of hard work and self-reliance as a path toward success, and to the discovery of individual strengths to be able to invent, design, and apply.

BASIS Culture: is derived from a set of core principles understood, embraced, and cultivated by teachers, school managers, and school staff, as well as by any BASIS.ed employee. BASIS.ed students are guided to recognize and adopt these principles, helping them to maximize not just the benefits of the BASIS.ed curriculum, but also the entirety of their educational experience. These core principles of BASIS.ed culture are professionalism, intellectual tolerance, and pushing-the-boundaries.

Professionalism: BASIS professionals do their jobs by utilizing and maximizing their knowledge, skill, and ability – and BASIS students do the same thing. The BASIS teacher’s job is to educate and lead students; the BASIS manager’s job is to facilitate the educational process; the BASIS student’s job is to learn and remain inquisitive. Our people know and follow the standards, rules, and regulations, and go well beyond usual professional expectations.

Intellectual Tolerance: Our respect for diversity of ideas, experiences, and philosophies originates from understanding that perspective is relative. In addition to providing an exemplary foundation in academics, we think it is the responsibility of our teachers and staff to demonstrate how to mature one's perspective through acquiring - and respectfully defending - one's personal, intellectual, and moral principles. BASIS does not mandate agreement or uniformity, but we do require the respect that comes from acknowledging the complexity of other's perspectives.

Pushing-the-Boundaries: BASIS is always looking for improvement – and we do our part, as do our students, to discover strategies for progression. A BASIS student's educational progression is a permanent process of improvement, and while there is no latitude for making excuses, we consistently analyze our shortfalls and successes. Regardless of special needs, individual giftedness, or socio-economic privileges or challenges, every individual at BASIS learns that his, her, and our success is derived from applying oneself. Few things bring us greater joy than overcoming personal limitations, inside the classroom or out.




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